Fall reminds us that change can be beautiful. 



Caryn's professional studio is equipped with state of the art recording equipment, SourceConnect Standard, and ISDN. Equipment includes a Sennheiser MKH416, a Mackie ProFX10 mixer, a Focusrite Scarlett, ProTools 2020, a Symetrix 528e, a Telos Zephyr XStream, and SourceConnect Standard.​

For Fun:

Caryn identifies as a hip chick. She's always wanted a hedgehog, but then saw one pee, and changed her mind. Her dog, Romeo, sneezes when he has to do #2. She grew up on a farm and can milk chickens. Her man companion, aka Husband, is very witty, and writes all of her jokes. Most of the above statements are true, except one. Can you guess which one?


Every Day - having the pleasure of voicing incredibly genius creative writing, and working with all of her wonderful clients. Caryn has the best "job" in the world. 

2015 - Speaker for University of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Forum 

2012 - Featured Keynote Speaker at University of Florida's Outstanding Young Alumni Awards

2009 - Outstanding Young Alumna Award - University of Florida

2004 - President's Award - local Junior League

Email: caryn@carynclark.com / Phone 239.634.5039 / ISDN 239.274.0270/0271 / SourceConnect: carynclark1 / carynclark.com / © 2020

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